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Support the Institute for Youth in Policy

YIP is committed to helping students rebuild America to be the world's strongest democracy. By supporting us, you are Investing in Tomorrow as we head into 2024 and beyond.

Where does your money go?

In 2023, we have published over 8,000 pages of policy, hosted 150 fellows, overhauled our entire website, finished developing a 650-page curriculum, and launched a completely new branch - Civic Innovations. All this with less than $5000 spent in the whole fiscal year.

With donors like you, we hope to continue offering up incredibly high-quality nonpartisan policy briefs, op-eds, curriculum, events, and programs to the leaders of tomorrow. Here are some examples of the impact of different donations:

Covers the cost of producing one Policy Brief
Funds one fellow's program participation
Covers the cost of an Effective Discourse event
Funds hosting and development costs of our website for a full year
Sponsors a full fellowship cohort (75-125 youth)

Corporate Matching with Benevity

Your employer might offer a matching program that allows you to magnify your donation's impact. YIP has partnered with Benevity, an organization which offers the Benevity Goodness Platform as the web location to make your donation.

Simply login to your employer's matching portal (a link ending in benevity.org) to see what is available!

We are also happy to help with individual or company inquiries about matching; please email [email protected] to get started and a member of our Development Team will be in touch! Our EIN is 85-3339422.