The ambassador program at The Institute of Youth in Policy is officially being launched in the Civil Discourse program. The launch of the ambassador program began with the launch of the International Essay Competition. The ambassador program is an opportunity to advertise projects within the Civil Discourse department and help bring together a diverse group of people to join the work that YIP is doing.

Two pictures of YIP employees on the annual company Zoom call, smiling as they listen to yearly updates.

Mission Statement

The ambassador program is a program to raise awareness around the events and projects at the Youth in Policy in the Civil Discourse department. The goal of ambassadors is to spread knowledge about YIP and Civil Discourse to as many people in as many places as possible.

What is the ambassadorship program?

The ambassador program is a group of students who are dedicated to raising awareness about YIP and want to be involved at the institute. The ambassadors will have experience in communication, advertising, and recruiting.

Why have ambassadors?

Ambassadors are one of the most effective ways to raise awareness about the Civil Discourse program within high schools as they give us the ability to reach as many students and schools as possible.

Who can be an ambassador?

Any high school student can be an ambassador! Note that ambassadors cannot participate in the International Essay Writing Competition.

Why should I participate?

The ambassador program will give you experience in communications, advertising, and recruitment. It’s a low commitment position that will still get you involved at YIP.