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Effective Discourse

Expanding and deepening youth engagement in policy by developing a lasting and active political community through various settings and mediums. This plays into the Institute for Youth in Policy’s greater mission by energizing young people to actively partake in productive discourse through actionable methods of communication.

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550+ Fellows

Have completed and graduated the Fellowship.

200+ Events

Have taken place since Discourse's inception.

200+ Projects

Have been published as a result of Discourse Programs.

A history of excellence.

Our Partnerships

YIP's Effective Discourse initiative has successfully hosted over 200 events, benefiting from partnerships with renowned institutions like Harvard's Kennedy School and Stanford's D-School. These collaborations have enabled us to bring together diverse voices from various sectors, enhancing the quality and reach of our discussions. Our speaker lineup has been equally impressive, featuring public health officials from states like California, Oregon, and Washington, academia representatives like Professor Douglas Becker and Deputy Director Bi-Yu Chang, along with political figures such as Congress member Anna Eshoo. The inclusion of prominent figures like 2020 Presidential Candidates Jo Jorgensen, Andrew Yang, Howie Hawkins, actor and author Stephen Fry, Richard Jefferson of, and podcast influencer Samantha Haber, has added significant depth and perspective to our discourse, fostering a rich environment for policy exploration and development.

Our Approach

Our approach to events and the fellowship program is meticulously designed to further enrich discourse. Through interactive events, we facilitate critical discussions, bringing diverse viewpoints and expert insights to the forefront. In our fellowship, this ethos extends to nurturing young leaders, where participants engage in rigorous policy analysis and debate. Both platforms are intertwined in their goal to cultivate a deeper understanding of policy issues, encouraging participants to challenge conventional thought and contribute meaningfully to the policy dialogue. This dual approach not only broadens perspectives but also empowers young individuals to become informed, active participants in shaping policy discourse.

Our signature program: the Fellowship



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