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Civic Innovations

An ecosystem that exists to support youth in their quest to explore the world of innovation and civic or social entrepreneurship.

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Nurturing future leaders at the intersection of policy and innovation.

Our Approach

We are an ecosystem that exists to support youth in their quest to explore the world of innovation and civic or social entrepreneurship. We house and incubate pilot programs and projects that aim to advance the Institute's guiding principles of bipartisanship, youth civic engagement and civil discourse.

Projects taken in by Civic Innovations are intentionally diverse, attempting to intersect politics with numerous other industries and fields of study, such as business, media, computer science, data, writing and so on. Anyone that meets the Institute's general eligibility requirements is free to pitch any project idea to Civic Innovations at any time. Those that make successful pitches will then be given the opportunity to become a Project Director working to realize their project ideas with the support of the department and Institute.

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Want to step right away into a leadership position at the Institute for Youth in Policy? Want to potentially launch your own organizational project or kickstart an initiative but don’t have any previous experience? Have an amazing idea that you want to make come to life but never knew where or how to get started? Hope to learn team management and hone your leadership skills? If you’ve ever had an idea for something you’d like to start or do but never knew how or where to begin, then Civic Innovations is that opportunity! Pitch a project to us! See more here.


The Civic Innovations (CI) department at the Institute for Youth in Policy uniquely combines academic depth with practical innovation in the field of youth civic engagement. This department serves as an incubator for forward-thinking ideas, where young individuals are encouraged to create and develop interdisciplinary projects that bridge politics with other fields such as business, media, and technology. Emphasizing hands-on learning, CI provides a dynamic platform for students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges, fostering an environment rich in diversity and collaborative exploration.

CI's novelty lies in its dedication to fostering nonpartisan, inclusive dialogue and idea generation. It champions the notion that diverse perspectives are crucial in policy development, offering young minds the opportunity to lead projects as Project Directors. This empowerment extends beyond ideation; it includes mentoring and resource provision, enabling these emerging leaders to actualize their innovative visions. By marrying policy with entrepreneurial spirit, Civic Innovations plays a pivotal role in molding a future where policy innovation is not only possible but is actively pursued for societal advancement.