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Committing to unbiased, balanced perspectives in all policy endeavors.


Emphasizing responsibility in decision-making and goal achievement.


See how our solutions drive cross-sector civic innovation.

Internal values are essential, anchoring YIP's ethos and driving purposeful action.

We're a dynamic team at YIP, dedicated to nurturing young leaders and driving societal change.

Leveraging innovative educational approaches, we empower youth with the skills and insights needed for impactful civic engagement.

Our commitment to fostering community collaboration and developing global perspectives establishes us as a catalyst for positive change and youth empowerment.


Shaping future civic leadership


Perspective, Responsibility, Innovation, Collaboration


Cross-sector Innovators


Empowering tomorrow's changemakers

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with Direction.

Civic Leadership

Educational Growth

Policy Insight

Community Engagement

Change Catalysts

Continuous innovation

The People

Our team brings fresh perspectives and dynamic energy to the forefront of policy innovation.

University Placements

We have sent students to all of the top 30 institutions across the US, showcasing the caliber of our community.


Policy Engagement

99% Fellows continue to stay engaged with policy work beyond their time in the Fellowship, our introductory programming.

Organizational Mobility

9/10 members of Leadership within the Institute started as either a fellow, associate, or intern.

Embracing Young Leaders

Our community thrives on intellectual curiosity, with members leading and participating in groundbreaking research.

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Board of Advisors

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Our Partnerships
for Impact

Cross-Sector Partners

Educational Institutions - Collaborating for research-driven policy education and initiatives.

Nonprofit Organizations - Partnerships focusing on civic engagement and community impact.

Technology Companies -
Leveraging tech solutions for innovative policy analysis tools.

Government Agencies -
Joint efforts in policy development and civic leadership training.