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with Direction.

The Institute for Youth in Policy champions "Discourse, with Direction" as its guiding motto, emphasizing nonpartisan dialogue as a robust vehicle for social and political change. We believe that discourse — open, respectful, and intellectual conversation — is an instrumental tool in breaking down partisan barriers and fostering an environment where diverse ideas thrive. Our focus on "direction" embodies our commitment to translate this discourse into actionable policies that can tangibly improve our society. In doing so, we engage with youth, harnessing their fresh perspectives to energize and shape the future, transcending traditional partisan lines.


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Our Principles

The Institute for Youth in Policy is the leading nonpartisan organization that is strictly youth-led and youth founded. We are students helping other students succeed and we believe constructive discourse is the key to forging lasting impact, as the movement we are leading continues to grow.


Quality always comes first. All projects, teams, and programs are led by passionate leadership.


Our large membership keeps us on track to ensure the most efficient, innovative, and effective approach.

Student Centric

Motivation backing the Institute is formed by student's individual experience—it's key we reflect that.

One Big Team

Celebrate diversity, focus on inclusion. We work towards an equitable way to get involved with policy.

Our Membership

With a general acceptance rate of under 7% and a less than 0.5% direct admit rate to Leadership, we've been able to build a diverse community that features thousands of incredible young adults under the age of 25.

In the 2022-23 school year, the Institute had dozens of students admitted to top Institutions, some of the notable ones are listed below:

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