Our education program offers a novel approach to civic education, designed to familiarize youth with the world of politics in an engaging and innovative way. By blending traditional learning with interactive experiences, we aim to inspire a new generation of informed and active citizens.


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Familiarizing youth with politics through a novel approach to civic education.

Our Approach

The Education Department is committed to equipping students with comprehensive knowledge of current political matters and the necessary skills to discuss these topics productively. Unfortunately, not only are civic engagement and education levels lacking among younger generations today, but our harshly partisan political climate prevents students from understanding the many dimensions of each subject debated by our society today.

That said, our team has developed a nonpartisan, discourse-based approach to civic education. This high school-focused curriculum enables students to actively participate in meaningful discussions on pressing political issues while effectively analyzing and challenging different perspectives. Our resources intend to break down partisan barriers and foster an environment of open-mindedness, critical thinking, and respectful exchange of ideas. See more in our FAQ.

Interactive Workshops

2024 Civic Learning Week Israel-Palestine Workshop

Real-World Topics

Collaborative Solutions

2024 Civic Learning Week Bridging Differences for Collective Impact

YIP is a proud participant of the 2024 Civic Learning Week Event Bridging Differences for Collective Impact, where our Israel-Palestine Resources were featured as a lesson plan for attendees during the event to take away and use in classroom settings.

Date: March 14, 2024

Online Accessibility

Online Resources

To make our educational content and mission more accessible, we are working with our partners to release select resources online shortly. These resources, including discussion worksheets, productive debate guidelines, and political engagement resources, are designed for teachers to easily incorporate into their classrooms to further engage students, either alongside our curriculum or existing school courses. See more about our resources in the Education FAQ!


As we work to implement our curriculum in classrooms, the Education Department is hosting free online or in-person workshops. These workshops align with the curriculum’s mission of combating political polarization through discourse, providing this experience in a 60-90 minute discussion-based event. Each workshop focuses on relevant political issues with the goal of students collaborating on policy solutions while familiarizing themselves with new points of view.

Previous workshops have shown tremendous efficacy in expanding students’ understanding of other ideological perspectives and the various considerations involved in contemporary issues. Past workshop topics have included affirmative action, climate change, election policy, the Second Amendment, and public health; however, we are highly flexible and can accommodate your institution’s needs!

If you are interested in hosting a workshop with your classroom, club, organization, or other group, please contact us at [email protected].

Join the Team

If you are interested in interning for the Education Department, please fill out the form linked below. We currently have opportunities available in outreach, editing, research, data analytics, graphic and illustrative design, and scholarly research review.

For any questions regarding open positions, please contact [email protected]. We look forward to seeing your applications!