Consulting Team

The consulting team at the Institute for Youth in Policy is officially being launched in the Civic Innovations department. The consulting team offers pro-bono consulting services to political or social nonprofits to assist in tackling any organizational or managerial issues.


What is the consulting team? The YIP consulting team is a group of individuals at the organization who can offer their insight into struggles that other nonprofits may be experiencing.

Why should organizations utilize the YIP consulting team? As members of a very successful political nonprofit, YIP consultants understand what it takes to create an organized and effective organization.

Interested in working with the YIP Consulting Team? Great! You can request your consultation by filling out the Google Form linked at the button below. Soon after, you'll receive an email from us to schedule a meeting with us.

We can't wait to begin working with you! The YIP Consulting Team is more than willing to help your organization with any issues it may be having!