Frequently Asked Questions

Our curriculum engages high school students in critical discussions on key political topics, developing their skills in debate and analysis while encouraging a broader understanding of diverse perspectives and breaking down partisan barriers.

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What makes us different?

Our core goal is to encourage students to debate, challenge, and engage with current political matters. With this in mind, we have developed a discourse-based approach where each curriculum unit specifically fosters these discussions. We also believe that communication with teachers, administrators, and educational partners is crucial, so we have prioritized a "two-way street" in our communication with educators by incorporating their feedback into the curriculum along the way, enabling us to improve our curriculum's versatility and supplemental resources.

Most notably, the entirety of the curriculum was produced by students seeking to inspire younger generations to engage civically.

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A flexible approach

Our curriculum is tailored to accommodate different classroom needs, such as acting as a supplement to an AP Course, an after-school organization, or a standalone course. This course consists of eight units, with Unit 0 covering the foundational skills required to engage in the coursework. We highly recommend covering Unit 0 before progressing to Units 1-7. Each remaining unit discusses a political topic, such as Economic Policy (Unit 3), and can be studied independently or in combination with other units.

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Implementation Approaches

Given the flexibility of our units, we provide several different options for implementing our curriculum, including the following: Implement the curriculum as a complete course: With 500+ pages of core content, our curriculum can be implemented as a year-long elective civics course.Integrate individual units into existing courses: Because our units stand independently, they can be added individually to fit existing courses. Our Foundational Unit is particularly flexible in the range of social sciences and history courses it applies to.Incorporate individual activities into existing courses: Our various discussion-based activities can be added individually to supplement existing courses. Depending on the course, an activity’s content, structure, or both might be relevant.Use in conjunction with after-school activities: Our debates and discussions can serve as enrichment tools for after-school activities, such as Model U.N., to enable students to continue developing their civic skills. Units 1-7 also cover common political topics debated today.
What are your prices?

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A note from the team

Thank you for engaging with our "By Students, For Students" curriculum! Our team is committed to actively working with schools to keep improving our resources to meet their needs. Please feel free to reach out to us with any suggestions you have. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and hope to work closely with you soon.

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