About Civic Innovations

The Civic Innovations department at the Institute for Youth in Policy is an ecosystem that exists to support youth in their quest to explore the world of innovation and civic or social entrepreneurship. We house and incubate pilot programs and projects that aim to advance the Institute's guiding principles of bipartisanship, youth civic engagement and civil discourse.

Projects taken in by Civic Innovations are intentionally diverse, attempting to intersect politics with numerous other industries and fields of study, such as business, media, computer science, data, writing and so on. Anyone that meets the Institute's general eligibility requirements is free to pitch any project idea to Civic Innovations at any time. Those that make successful pitches will then be given the opportunity to become a Project Director working to realize their project ideas with the support of the department and Institute.

Active Projects

Essay Contest

Join our team or submit your writing!

The Institute for Youth in Policy International Essay Contest is open to all high school and undergraduate students. Winners receive a cash prize and publication opportunities.

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Ambassador Program

Join our network of yip ambassadors!

This program allows members to be part of the YIP network and community while serving as brand ambassadors that promote the organization’s content, initiatives and other programs.

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Consulting Team

Achieve your organizational goals!

YIP’s consulting team offers pro-bono consulting services to other political or social nonprofits to assist in tackling any organizational or managerial issues.

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Ideological Assessment

Find out where you stand!

This project has only just recently been approved and more information will be available soon! Follow our socials to keep up with information on it!

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Our Next Innovative Program

Coming soon!

Information on this exciting project will be available soon! Follow our socials to keep up with information on it!

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Pitch an Idea!

Realize your Vision!

Civic Innovations exists to equip individuals with the resources to realize the ideas they are passionate about. Anyone that meets YIP's general eligibility requirements is welcomed to pitch a project idea to Civic Innovations.

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