Senior Advisor & Former Senior Vice President, Civic Innovations

Brandon Tran

Brandon Tran is a student at the University of Southern California majoring in Political Science with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Management.

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He is a first-generation college student and a first-generation American, having immigrated to the United States from Vietnam as a child. Within politics, his primary area of interest is in studying and mitigating political polarization, which he hopes to do in his work with YIP. He is also a member of No Labels’ Youth Congress, where he works with other young political minds around the country to develop policy that could ultimately be presented to members of Congress in the Problem Solvers Caucus. In Brandon’s free time, he enjoys playing sports, watching movies, and writing.

Brandon is an online social media political influencer and activist, having participated in community outreach as an Eagle Scout in Scouts of America and volunteered for the Biden Campaign. He is also a 2026 New York State Senate Candidate for the 57th District. He believes our country is in desperate need for growth and reform, believing that human rights are at stake with today's policy implementation affecting generational livelihoods. Brandon advocates for youth political involvement to make lasting, desirable change.

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