Evan Doerr

Evan Doerr

I'm a teenager interested in heterodox economics, American politics, international relations, and progress through good policy

Hello, I'm a teenager from the United States interested in politics, heterodox economics, and philosophy.

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A Tactical Pro-Choice Plan: Seduction Over Semantics

October 12, 2023
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If pro-choice activists want to make genuine advances protecting abortion access nationwide, they need to reframe their arguments and fix their public perception. Modern pro-choice arguments are generally unappealing, two-faced, and rely on assumptions and ideas easily challenged by those who see abortion as a moral wrong. In this brief article, I hope to sketch out a more classically-liberal line of reasoning that might suit liberals better on the national stage regarding abortion access. 

Against Mobile Voting

Social Policy
September 6, 2023
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Sailing Between Scylla & Charybdis: A Call to the Left To Reject Neoliberalism

National Policy
September 19, 2022
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Most recently with the 2020 election, many leftists and progressives who disliked the Democratic Party begrudgingly voted for moderate Joe Biden to defeat Trump, a much more dangerous national populist. This article argues that the Left must abstain from voting in "lesser of two evil" scenarios for three main reasons. This opinion piece discusses how electing neoliberals contributes to an undoing of the political goals of the Left & consents to their nullification, how neoliberal politics cause the cyclic rise of national populism, and how national populists often reorganize and rebuild the Left.