Isabelle Hansen

Isabelle Hansen


Isabelle Hansen is a high school junior from Florida who has experience in voting rights advocacy. She is passionate about encouraging youth involvement in politics and interested in policies related to the criminal justice system and artificial intelligence. Currently holding a position as a fellowship candidate, Isabelle enjoys reading and learning about current political topics.

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I'll be watching you

June 3, 2023
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This video explores the history, use, and dangers of Artificial Intelligence in the United States government surveillance. It delves into various recommendations in order to combat concerns regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Published Opinion Articles

Artificial Intelligence in Education: Helpful or Hindrance?

The debate on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in education underscores its potential to revolutionize personalized learning and provide substantial teaching aid, while also cautioning against risks like student cheating, erosion of interpersonal skills, algorithmic biases, privacy breaches, and significant implementation costs; effective policy formulation can harness the power of AI in education, enabling its advantages and mitigating its challenges.