Katelin Wong

Katelin Wong

Vice President, Policy Media Publishing

Katelin attends Cornell University, majoring in public policy. She is interested in international human rights reform around the world and voting rights reform in the United States. She intends to pursue a career in international law. She enjoys reading, trying new food, and hanging out with friends during her free time.

Published Policy Briefs

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Fellowship Projects

Solutions to Stopping United States Political Polarization

Policy Brief/Writing
September 14, 2022
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This brief explains how the United States’ political primary structure creates radical politicians through party primaries, which allow a marginal faction of extreme voters to choose a candidate for the general election. This leads to intense polarization as each party selects a candidate most suited to their interests, killing American centrism.

Published Opinion Articles

Choice: More for Some, Less for Others

Economic Policy
November 22, 2023
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When the importance of freedom and autonomy is embedded in the U.S Constitution, the plain assumption is that choice lends to greater well-being. But is choice distributed equally among all people, or should it be considered a privilege? Is choice always a good thing? While the syllogism at the beginning of Markus and Schwartz’s “Does Choice Mean Freedom and Well-Being?” implies that having choice shows signs of freedom, this preconceived notion is not always true. How much choice one has is significantly contingent on culture and socioeconomic class. Although having the ability to choose is a positive thing, the inequality and the lack of opportunity that make mobility more difficult in North America leads to the asymmetric levels of choice available for each socioeconomic class.