Chief People Officer

Mason Carlisle

Mason’s diverse experience, fueled by a passion for education, empowers youth through impactful leadership and innovative People Ops strategies at YIP, building strong teams from classroom to boardroom.

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Hailing from Spokane, Washington, Mason is a passionate advocate for youth empowerment. Shaped by his own educational experiences, he enjoys reading, traveling, and developing nurturing environments where young minds can flourish. Mason is currently pursuing his major in Elementary Education, minoring in Business Administration, and is working on his endorsements in American Sign Language, Deaf/Heard of Hearing Education, and Reading at Whitworth University.

Mason uses his schooling to seamlessly blend his educational expertise with his penchant for Human Resource Administration, breathing new life into YIP's internal structures. Driven by a constant thirst for knowledge and fresh perspectives, he actively seeks innovative solutions while fostering an environment of team collaboration. Mason leaves a legacy of empowerment and impact through his active roles in the Civic Innovations Project Committee as well as serving on the board of several education nonprofits. A true testament to the power of education and leadership, Mason hopes his journey at YIP paves a brighter future for youth and the Spokane community.

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