Matthew Oh

Matthew Oh

Policy Analyst

One of the most memorable moments from my childhood was being seated in front of the TV one night and watching Antonio Guterres be elected the United Nations Secretary-General. I did not fully understand what was happening, but I nevertheless felt drawn to it. Working in an international environment geared towards solving world issues has always energized me, and I found a much bigger dose of that little taste I had watching Al Jazeera in 2016 by volunteering for civil society organizations like MUN Impact and YIP in high school. The lessons I’ve learned from my colleagues and work situations will last me a lifetime. When I’m not volunteering in the public policy sphere, you’ll find me studying random history topics, enjoying old BBC nature documentaries, or messing around as an amateur digital artist!

Published Policy Briefs

Harvesting the Future: Analyzing the Role of the Farm Bill in Shaping the Agricultural Industry

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Economic Policy
July 29, 2023
Farming as an industry is largely impacted and dictated in some way by policy, specifically the farm bill. This brief will analyze the role the farm bill plays in the industry and how its revisions can impact the future of farming.

Debt Ceiling Dilemma: Evaluating its Necessity, Economic Impact, and Solutions

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Economic Policy
June 25, 2023
Delving into the intricacies of the annual US debt ceiling debate, this comprehensive brief provides a thorough understanding of its long-standing history, the policy frameworks it revolves around, and the various conclusions that can be inferred. We aim to illuminate the inherent nature of the debt ceiling, along with exploring the potential impacts stemming from diverse solution strategies.

Fellowship Projects

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Published Opinion Articles

Revisiting U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: A Pragmatic Approach to Peace, Human Rights, and Counterterrorism

Foreign Policy
June 22, 2023
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Navigating the aftermath of its twenty-year involvement in Afghanistan, the U.S. now faces the crucial task of effectively employing pragmatic diplomacy to prioritize human rights, counter-terrorism, and foster regional stability. As it grapples with lessons from past policy failures, the U.S. must leverage economic incentives and international cooperation to negotiate productively with the resurgent Taliban regime.