Director, Education Development

Sareena Naganand

Sareena Naganand is from central New Jersey and attends Piscataway High School. She is passionate about medicine, research, and storytelling.

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She joined YIP as a Curriculum Development Intern in March 2022 due to her interest in using her writing skills to educate students and serve her community. Now, Sareena leads the Education Development team in developing YIP’s discourse-based, non-partisan curriculum as well as creating other projects, such as workshops to implement the curriculum and a civics education handbook. She hopes that her work at YIP will lead to more youth becoming involved in civics. Sareena aspires to pursue a career in the intersection of bioengineering, medicine, policy and storytelling. Outside of YIP, Sareena enjoys creative writing, maintaining her blog, playing the violin, exploring STEM subjects, and doing calligraphy.

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