Timothy Sabau

Timothy Sabau

Chief Human Resources Officer & Vice President, Education

Timothy Sabau is a college Senior living in Columbus, Georgia, originally from Youngstown, Ohio. He’s attending school for Political Science, Data Analytics, and International Studies. Before college, he worked in the military as a Ranger in the 3rd Ranger Battalion. For most of his life, he’s had an interest in politics and public service, which is what attracted him to YIP in the first place. In addition, he has experience leading international teams for nonprofit work, which he hopes to utilize to assist YIP in its mission. When he isn’t working with the Institute or attending class, he works as an intern conducting data analysis at his school’s Office of Enrollment. His hobbies include hiking, running, skydiving, and reading.

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This author is no longer active at YIP, but their profile and associated content is still here. Please reach out to [email protected] with editorial questions.