Director, People Operations

Yashwin Sajja

Yashwin is a passionate high school senior from Long Island, New York, interested in the environment, programming, and interpersonal political relationships.

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With a vision for the future, he spends his time with friends and family, exploring novel software programs, and engaging in various sports. Dedicated to giving back, Yashwin founded 1:10 and The Incandescent Review to foster a love for learning and writing globally. He aspires to develop innovative solutions for global disaster challenges, such as non-toxic pesticides, low-cost fertilizers, and anticipatory flood forecasting models. Through his projects, Yashwin aims to be an advocate for the voiceless, resourceless, and fundless, gaining valuable experience in problem-solving, communication, and community building. In his downtime, Yashwin indulges in music, from international tunes to pop and hip-hop, and is known for his unique ability to sleep anytime, anywhere. A movie enthusiast, he has a penchant for films like The Prestige, the Batman Trilogy, and The Shawshank Redemption, alongside various international favorites.

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