Allison Fecke

Allison Fecke


Allison is a high school sophomore located in the suburbs of Chicago. She is an avid runner, reader, and student. She is an advocate for civil rights and aspires to be a lawyer for the ACLU.

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Banned Books: Are Schools Erasing History?

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Social Policy
January 3, 2023
The First Amendment’s right to free speech has attempted to combat the effects of censorship, specifically with books, but efforts to keep books with various values have prevailed.

I Plead the Second: Gun Rights Legislation in the US

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Social Policy
October 10, 2022
Since the ratification of the Constitution in 1788, the rights codified in the Bill of Rights have been fiercely protected by the American people. However, interpretations of those rights often differ as people, society, and governmental structure changes. One of the most fraught amendments is the Second Amendment, which preserves the right to bear arms.

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Resources aren’t Guaranteed: A look at the shortcomings of the U.S. Government towards indigenous people

National Policy
July 21, 2021
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