Pritika Patel

Pritika Patel

Policy Associate - YIP News

Pritika is a rising senior at the Bronx High School of Science, interested in pursuing political science and pre-law studies. She is passionate about various social justice movements and hopes to make a difference through spreading awareness about current events and politics in a nonpartisan manner. Pritika believes that debate and discussion are essential to better understanding the world around us and is always looking for ways to expand her horizons.

Published Policy Briefs

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Fellowship Projects

Building a Balanced Bench: Reforming the Supreme Court to Combat Polarization and Backlog

Policy Brief/Writing
June 4, 2023
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The following brief provides a comprehensive analysis of various reform options for the Supreme Court, drawing from four distinct areas of focus: expanding the Supreme Court, implementing term limits for justices, expanding resources allocated to lower courts, and reforming the nomination and confirmation process.

Published Opinion Articles

Balancing Efficiency and Ethics: The Case for AI in Law

Economic Policy
August 6, 2023
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As artificial intelligence continues to expand, it becomes crucial for attorneys, lawmakers, and stakeholders to grasp the intricacies of its incorporation and harness its potential effectively. Although there are multiple risks associated with introducing artificial intelligence into the legal system, if used ethically and in compliance with regulations, its benefits far outweigh its risks.