Policy Analyst

Raiaa Bhalla

Raiaa is student studying at TSRS, Moulsari in Gurugram, Haryana with an active interest in mainly two academic quadrants: research and debate.

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Outside of YIP, she has a particular passion in the subjects of Social Policy and Policy Analysis which she has furthered in her work with the Connecticut General Assembly, involved in successfully drafting and passing a bill on Menstrual Equity in the state. Aside from this inclination, she's also incredibly passionate about creating positive social change, and has worked extensively with various well-known companies and organisations in the fields of gender equality, diversity and inclusion and advocacy. As Secretary General of ShriMUN, she spearheaded TSRS' first ever inter-school MUN conference. She's also a state and national level karate athlete. She plans to study public policy in the future.

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