Pritika Patel
Building a Balanced Bench: Reforming the Supreme Court to Combat Polarization and Backlog

The following brief provides a comprehensive analysis of various reform options for the Supreme Court, drawing from four distinct areas of focus: expanding the Supreme Court, implementing term limits for justices, expanding resources allocated to lower courts, and reforming the nomination and confirmation process.

Johnny Perkins
The American Sun Belt: Growth to Gentrification

This brief explores the rise and challenges of the Sun Belt region, focusing on the unique manifestation of gentrification in Southern cities. It examines how the promise of low taxes and cost-of-living in the Sun Belt is being threatened by an influx of new migrants, exacerbating economic inequality and straining local resources.

Manushri Dhanakoti
Child Labour In India

Aims to discuss the causes and impact of child labor along with government plans to solve the issue.

Kayleigh McArdle
The Price of Staying Alive: The U.S. Government’s Role in Regulating Life-Saving Medicines

This brief delves into the alarming rise of life-saving drug prices in the U.S., particularly focusing on insulin and Epi-Pens, and explores the role of insurance companies and manufacturers in this hike.

Nicholas Lake Nall
Laying Foundations for Women Across Jordan

his project showcases a pioneering non-profit initiative birthed from insights gathered in Jordan, aiming to empower rural Jordanian women through economic policy and a robust digital platform. The platform not only connects women to scholarships and business funding but also offers a dedicated blog addressing gender inequality in the Arab world.

Elena Sarigeorgiou
U.S. Sanctions, Iran, and Women

The objective of this research is to examine Iran's Women, Life, Freedom movement as a case study on the effectiveness of economic sanctions on women's rights. In turn, proposing conditional engagement as a more viable U.S. foreign policy solution.

Caroline Healy
Policies Behind Bars: Prison Conditions in the U.S.

This brief delves into the pressing challenges and conditions faced by incarcerated individuals in U.S. prisons and jails. Highlighting concerns from inadequate nutrition and healthcare to issues of overcrowding and violence, it underscores the urgent need for policy reforms, including measures like the Reverse Mass Incarceration Act and the PREP Act.

Willow Szpilczak
Sexual Assault in American Secondary Schools: Supporting Title IX Regulations through Education and Support Services

This presentation evaluates the crisis of sexual assault in American secondary schools, focusing on the ineffective enforcement of Title IX regulations. It highlights potential policy solutions as well.

Connor Cowan
Breaking the Ice: A New Dawn for US Arctic Policy

This presentation delves into the evolving significance of the Arctic region, analyzing the U.S. Arctic policy in light of climate change, geopolitical challenges, and indigenous rights. It presents various policy options for U.S. engagement, recommending a balanced, proactive approach.

Ria Gupta
The Implications of E-commerce on Data Privacy

This comprehensive brief delves into the profound effects of e-commerce on traditional physical businesses, particularly against the backdrop of online giants like Amazon Prime.

Aakesh Yoganathan
Safeguarding Personal Privacy: An Overview of Data Privacy Regulations

This paper delves into the historical and current landscapes of data privacy in our digital age, emphasizing the heightened importance of safeguarding personal information. Highlighting instances like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the fragmented state of U.S. data protection regulations, it underscores the critical need for comprehensive and proactive measures.

Alyssa Wu
Is College Worth It? Information Disclosure In College Applications

This brief explores the information asymmetry in the higher education market and the implications it has on students' decision-making for college education. It presents an in-depth analysis of the need for more transparent college data disclosure to aid students in making informed choices.