Public Health Policy

With constant developments on the global & national stages in a post-COVID recovery era, the public health policy team at YIP strives to provide the most up-to-date, in-depth, & dynamic analysis of current events, legislative actions, and much more.

Public health policy plays a vital role in educating decision-makers, informing civic-minded individuals, and preparing America for the future when public health is more important than ever before.

Policy Briefs

An Evaluation of Education Policy in Florida

Democracy Beyond Bars: Bringing Political Prisoners to Light

Remembering Afghanistan: Humanitarian Crisis

Sino-Italian Dilemma: Exit from the BRI

Revival of the US Entertainment Industry

Equal Justice for All? An Impartial Look at Gender Disparities within the Criminal Justice System

Race-Based Admissions: As It Happened

Wagner Mutiny and Russia’s Future

Race and Justice: Analyzing Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

Artificial Intelligence in Education: A Holistic Evaluation

Harvesting the Future: Analyzing the Role of the Farm Bill in Shaping the Agricultural Industry

Finland in NATO: Bolstering Arctic Defense & Baltic Stability

Breaking the Cycle: A Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Recidivism through Holistic Rehabilitation

Debt Ceiling Dilemma: Evaluating its Necessity, Economic Impact, and Solutions

Race-Based Admissions: A Multifaceted Examination

Chinese Investments in Latin America

Korean Nuclear Proliferation

The Run on Silicon Valley Bank

U.S. Data Security against Chinese Counterintelligence

Finland and Sweden NATO Accession

The Role of Campaign Finance in Elections

Banned Books: Are Schools Erasing History?

Urgent Yet Overlooked: The Monkeypox Virus

Conflict in the Eastern DRC

President Biden’s Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Plan

Impact of a Strong US Dollar

An Update on the European Energy Crisis

Pakistan: A Crisis at Every Turn

Inflation Reduction Act

An Uneasy Partnership: U.S-Saudi Relations

I Plead the Second: Gun Rights Legislation in the US

A History of Tensions in the Taiwan Strait

Mass Tech Layoffs and Recession

Complex and Controversial: An Overview of American Abortion Policy

Xinjiang Police Files

Withdrawal Opens Avenue for the Growth of Chinese-Afghan Relations

Women's Health in America

Vaccine Rollout in the United States

Voting Rights: Popularity Contests and Civil Liberties

U.S. Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics

U.S. Role in China-Taiwan Conflict

Threat of War Along the Eastern Bloc: Ukraine

U.S. Economic Shrinkage Throughout 2022

The Sri Lankan Economic Crisis

The Vicious Cycle of Poverty and Healthcare

The Opioid Crisis: An Unprecedented Epidemic

Tariffs and their Consequences

The Military Takeover of Sudan

The Future of Social Security

The Misinformation Pandemic

The History and Progression of Birth Control

The Debt Ceiling

The FDA’s Accelerated Approval of Aducanumab

Struggle for Power in Venezuela Maduro vs Guaido

Rising Tensions of the Ethiopian Civil War

Regulating the Cryptocurrency Industry

Right to Privacy vs. Right to Life: the Battle Continues

Right to Privacy vs. Right to Life: the Fight over Abortion Laws

Mortgage Rates and Housing Bubbles

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup: Exploitation of Workers

Raising Them Right: Public Early Education in America

Racial Inequities in American Healthcare

Price Controls

Omicron: The Unprecedented Surge

Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free: Mass Incarceration in the United States

Monetary Solutions for Inflation after COVID-19

Mental Health in the United States

Make Housing Affordable Again

Going Nowhere Fast? Public Transportation in the US

Line 5: Sovereignty Under Pressure

Herstory: Roe v. Wade and the Future of Privacy Rights

Homecoming Mishaps: Immigration Reconciliation Parliamentary Politics

Genetic Engineering: An Ethical Dilemma

Global Healthcare Systems

European Division over Russian Energy

Current Status of the War in Ukraine

China-Russia Relations in the Wake of Invasion

Criminal, Medical, or Recreational? Drug Legalization in the United States

A Big Step Backwards

A $15 Minimum Wage on Balance

Climate Change: Where are we now?