Senior Fellow

Elizabeth Miller
Policy Director
Elizabeth Miller is a sophomore at Hastings College in Nebraska double majoring in History and Political Science. She fell in love with policy analysis through years of high school debate, and currently is interning with the Department of State as a policy analysis intern for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow as part of the VSFS program. She enjoyed working with YIP as it combined policy analysis and youth political education - two things she is passionate about.
Adrienne Yue
Public Health Policy Lead
Hi, my name is Adrienne and I'm a 16 year old from the Bay Area! I'm passionate about healthcare, public policy, and social medicine. I identify as a liberal and am excited to be a part of YIP! Adrienne is also a 2022 Distinguished Fellow.
Donovan Zagorin
Director, Policy & Senior Fellow
Donovan Zagorin is a senior fellow and the Director of Policy at YIP. He is currently a high school student in California who looks to further the goal of improving discourse in politics, especially among youth. He has interests in politics, philosophy, and economics, all of which he hopes to pursue through college and the rest of his foreseeable future.
Alice Valioulis
2022 Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy
Alice Valioulis is a fourth-year student at the University of Virginia, double majoring in Foreign Affairs and Public Policy. Her goal as a writer is to produce thought-provoking articles and cover diverse perspectives. She is excited to explore the world of public policy.
Analiese Maciel
2022 Senior Fellow - Foreign Policy
Analiese Maciel is a senior at Warwick Valley High School in Upstate New York, applying to colleges for a potential degree in either political science, international relations, or journalism. Her political involvement began in 8th grade when she wrote a poem about gun violence which got published in her local newspaper. Since then, her passion for politics has only grown as she has since published numerous articles about issues in the current world, vying to spread awareness about them.
Joe Rhee
Social Policy Brief Lead, 2022 Senior Fellow
Joseph (Joe) Rhee is a senior at Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas. Joe plans to major in political science, sociology, or communications as an undergraduate and get his J.D. afterwards. His research interests are in social activism, immigration, and incarceration. In his free time, he enjoys playing Valorant and watching anime with his friends.
Katherine O. Alvarez
2022 Senior Fellow
Katherine is a recent political science graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is currently undertaking a gap year to work as an immigration paralegal. Katherine has experience as a former congressional intern for Rep. Colin Allred. She hopes to run for public office in the interest of solidifying a multi-racial working-class voter base.
Samantha Blackman
2022 Senior Fellow
Hi! My name is Samantha Blackman and I am a senior in high school in New York City. I am interested in many aspects of public policy, particularly with respect to education and equality of opportunity. I have been actively involved in tutoring students from disadvantaged areas for several years, and enjoy playing tennis in my spare time.
Sohom Niyogi
2022 Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy
Hello Reader! Thank you for reading my article I am Sohom Niyogi. I am currently a rising high school senior in India. I have been doing research from the age of 13 and enjoy the process of reading and writing. I specialize in Middle Eastern Issues, South Asian Issues, and Global Security Issues. I am an active participant in Model United Nations and have served as an Assistant Director at Harvard University Model United Nations at Dubai. The aim of papers is to critically and marginally analyze the historical and present value of policy moves.
Daniel Stewart
2022 Senior Fellow, Social Policy
Daniel Stewart is a high-school senior hailing from the Greater Philadelphia area and identifies politically as both a social democrat and a progressive. His political interests focus on both social and economic issues. In his free time, Daniel can be found participating in his school's debate club and literary magazine, playing piano competitively, and writing.
Isabella Rappaccioli
Senior Fellow, Fall 2023
Fall 2023 Fellows
Isabella Rappaccioli is a sophomore at Alliance Academy for Innovation in Georgia, USA. She is a passionate advocate on a variety of issues, but particularly on topics such on sustainability, human rights, DEI, international relations, and education justice. She plans on double-majoring in political science and business administration with a minor in music, though she has lots of passions she is willing to explore. Through the organizations she has founded, The Humanities Archive and the North Georgia Business Spotlight, and the various advocacy groups she has worked with including the Georgia Youth Justice Coalition and Citizens Climate Lobby, Isabella has a chance to learn from the experiences of a diverse bunch of organizers, and she is excited to see how our youth will transform the world for the better!
Noah Green
Director, Effective Discourse Communications & Senior Fellow
Noah is a passionate advocate for social change, with a drive to promote LGBTQIA+ and racial justice. With a unique skill set in leadership, interpersonal relational organizing, writing, and communications, he devotes his time to making a measurable difference in the world. Through organizations such as Dear Asian Youth, Voters Of Tomorrow, Peer Forward, and the Institute for Youth In Policy, he is committed to driving real change.
Riley Herbert
Former Senior Vice President, YIP News
Riley Herbert is a student at California Lutheran University majoring in Political Science and Technical Theatre with a minor in Legal Studies. She has a passion for restorative justice, reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ issues, and gender equality. She leads with empathy, and makes a concerted effort to better the state of the communities she is a part of. Riley plans to attend law school to pursue a career in public interest law.
Josh Palackal
Policy Analyst
Josh is a student at Temple University studying psychology, sociology, and criminal justice. Prior to joining YIP, he engaged in professional organizing and policy work on multiple local and federal political campaigns as well as internships at nonprofits such as the ACLU. In terms of his policy interests, he is especially passionate about criminal justice reform and combatting mass incarceration. Outside of YIP, Josh is active in the labor organizing and diversity, equity, and inclusion space. He plans to get a Master of Public Policy and/or a JD and continue working in progressive policy advocacy.